Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee of Tekfen Holding has been established in accordance with the Corporate Governance Principles of the CMB in order to monitor the company's compliance with the Principles, perform improvement studies and offer any possible suggestions to the board. Board Members Ayşe Selen Kocabaş, Mehmet N. Erten, Mehmet Aydın Müderrisoğlu, Murat Gigin and Investor Relations are acting as Committee members.

The corporate governance committee should;

Determine whether or not corporate governance Principles are being fully implemented by the company, if not, the reason thereof, and state any conflict of interests arising as a result of imperfect implementation of these Principles, and present remedial Principles to the board of directors,

Coordinate the work of investor relations division.

The Company's Board of Directors decided, the Nomination Committee to be structured within the body of the Corporate Governance Committee, in compliance with the requirements stipulated in CMB Communiqué II-17.1. You can view the Duties and Responsibilities of these committees below.