Tekfen Business Ethics Principles

Erected on the twin cornerstones of technology and science, the foundations of both Tekfen itself and its culture of ethical behaviour were laid in 1956 when three young and enterprising civil engineers– Feyyaz Berker, Ali Nihat Gökyiğit, Necati Akçağlılar–joined forces to turn their ideals into reality. The Tekfen Code of Business Ethics consists of the business ethics culture and values that its founders espoused and abided by.

Tekfen’s business practices are informed by ethical rules which grew out of the ways in which its founders acted towards employees, the community, and the environment over the years.

The core values to which Tekfen companies, Tekfen senior management, and all Tekfen personnel are committed consist of honesty, fairness, equality, transparency, accountability, compassion, respect, patience, and tolerance.

Along with its core values, Tekfen’s dealings with customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, business partners, competitors, the environment, and the community with respect to the issues of private information confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations are also governed by mandatory rules which are internalised and publicly disclosed.

Tekfen Business Ethics Principles
Compliance Committee 

Tekfen Holding has established an in-house Compliance Committee consisting of the head of internal audit and a compliance coordinator that is chaired by a member of the Tekfen Holding Board of Directors. The Tekfen Holding Compliance Committee is responsible for monitoring and following up the implementation of the Tekfen Code of Business Ethics. Within every Tekfen Group company there is a compliance officer who is appointed by its board of directors as well as an internal compliance committee of its own. Working together with the Tekfen Holding Compliance Coordinator, both the company-level compliance officer and compliance committee submit monthly reports both to their own board of directors and to the Tekfen Holding Compliance Committee. Issues reported via the Tekfen Ethics Hotline are reviewed and assessed by the Tekfen Holding Compliance Committee in light of ethical and disciplinary rules and dealt with accordingly.

Ethics Hotline

Any violation of the Tekfen Code of Business Ethics should be reported via the Tekfen Ethics Hotline by telephone (0212 257 0110) or email (etikhat@tekfen.com.tr) or through the Ethics Line website (www.etikhat.com.tr). Reports may be submitted anonymously, in Turkish or English, and at any time of the day or night any day of the week. All reports are received by an independent reporting service.