Here at Tekfen we have been mindful of and diligent about the sustainability-related issues of ethical behaviour, employee welfare, social wellbeing, and environmental health ever since the company’s very first day of life.

Tekfen’s sustainability vision is conceptually embodied in Tekfen’s motto, ‘bridging prosperity’. The primary goal of all economic activities is to increase social well-being and to improve the quality of life at the individual and societal level. Tekfen Holding’s core business activities, including contracting, agri-industry, and investment/service, directly overlap with the basic elements of social welfare, including infrastructure services, food, energy, and housing. Through its operations, Tekfen serves as a bridge that gives individuals access to the essential elements of a better life and prosperity while also paving the way to a sustainable future.

Strategic Drivers

Tekfen Holding's strategic drivers create value, and include climate crisis and energy, employees and society and innovation.

Operational Roots

Define Tekfen Holding's business priorities and practices as one of the engines of the Turkish economy for over 64 years. Economic performance, corporate governance, and customer loyalty have always been the cornerstones of the company, and will remain so well into the future.


Help make Tekfen's bridging prosperity vision a reality. Foremost among them include operational excellence, digitalisation, talent management, and occupational health & safety (OHS).

Mega Trends

Today, rapid population growth, demographic and social change, urbanisation, technological advancement, and the climate change are not only shaping our planet, they also are radically transforming the world of business. Tekfen’s vision of bridging prosperity refers to its goal of wanting to respond sustainably and flexibly by redefining how it does business.

Contributing to the Global Agenda

Tekfen’s vision is to develop a sustainable business model that embraces its entire value chain and contributes to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The seventeen goals set out by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) address eliminating poverty, protecting our planet, and making it possible for everyone to enjoy peace and prosperity. They make up a global agenda that demands action from national governments, local administrations, public agencies and businesses. Tekfen Holding is one of the United Nations Global Compact’s signatories. It seeks to create shared value by making certain SDGs that are applicable to its operations a part of its vision for sustainability.

Why “Bridging Prosperity?”

Tekfen marks an important milestone in the Turkish economy thanks to the values as well as employment opportunities that we have created over the past 60 years. We have been acting in pursuit of excellence in all of our activity areas since day one. Our principle: ‘Do the job you know the best’. Standing by to our ‘The future belongs those who build it’ motto, we have formed our business culture around people, social benefit, and environment, while continuing to focus on a sustainable future.

Our core business line alongside contracting and agriculture projects constitute how we ‘bridge prosperity’. Tekfen Contracting helps countries develop through infrastructure projects such as highways and pipelines, industrial plants such as refineries and terminals, and superstructure projects, not the least of which include stadiums and high-rise buildings. We oversee plants and projects that serve needs of society and that raise their living standards. Within the scope of our real estate operations, our construction projects offer tens of thousands of people residential and business spaces that are safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

We offer high quality input to farmers through disease-free seeds, seedlings, and saplings—the core of quality agricultural production—so that you can adorn your dining table with fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, we also ensure that farmers benefit from our prolific nutrient production, which places top priority on food safety.

Tekfen Foundation offers scholarships to successful students so as to give them brighter future. Likewise, we enrich social life through arts and culture initiatives. We work hard to lay down a foundation for a sunnier, more prosperous and sustainable future through our operations, practices, priorities, and goals.

The core priority of all of our operations is human life. Thus, we strive to minimise our environmental impact. We continuously do research so that we can better use our resources efficiently; likewise, we continuously strive to better ourselves and make as many investments as possible. We keep close tabs on mega trends in the climate change, population increase, demographic and social transformation, urbanisation, and technology, granted that they are what drive our ever-changing world. In addition to integrating digital transformation and innovation into our business, we also allocate resources towards technological initiatives that feed our operations. We are proud to be a role model to our sector thanks to our occupational health and safety practices and performance.

We root in serving the welfare and development of society. We are responsible for laying down the foundation towards a future that is sustainable. Our vision of bridging prosperity—the driving force behind our journey down the road of sustainability —is the simplest we can express this responsibility!

In other words we strive to be an essential part of the foundation of a sustainable and prosperous future. That foundation must be strong so that whatever is built upon it can be strong too. And that is the best possible summing-up of the mission that Tekfen has given itself as it advances on its “Bridging Prosperity” and sustainibility journey.