Investment Group incorporates Tekfen ventures’ innovative entrepreneurship investments and holding activities.

Investment Group

Tekfen Holding Investment Group encompasses companies dedicated to the Holding’s investment-driven initiatives, with a strong emphasis on fostering innovation. Restructured in 2023 to align with strategic goals, the Group includes Tekfen Ventures, a corporate venture capital company investing in early-stage technology firms; Tekfen Tourism and Business Inc., operating in building and facility management services; and Tekfen Insurance Brokerage Services Inc., providing insurance brokerage services.

Venture Capital

Tekfen Ventures was founded in 2016 to capitalise on opportunities in the world of global entrepreneurship by investing in early-stage tech start-ups on a global scale. It is headquartered in New York, the USA. The Company closely monitors promising, innovative initiatives; comprehensively examines their market positions, business models and plans; and invests in them at the right stage in cooperation with leading global financial and institutional shareholders.

Primarily focusing on start-ups in the main industries where the Tekfen Group operates, Tekfen Ventures’ priority investment areas include agriculture, manufacturing, construction, real estate, and urban technologies. This creates potential synergy areas and collaboration opportunities between Tekfen Ventures’ portfolio companies and Tekfen Group Companies. In selecting the companies where it will invest, the Company often uses the feedback it receives from Tekfen's relevant business units.

Moreover, Tekfen Ventures extends its operations beyond the business areas of Tekfen Group Companies and closely monitors promising initiatives from other industries.

Investment Group

Real Estate Investments and Asset Management

Active in real estate investment, project development, and construction management, Tekfen Group has successfully implemented numerous high-quality and innovative real estate projects in unison with the urban fabric that adds value to the city.

Renowned for its award-winning, exceptional, and innovative projects, the Group not only invests in Türkiye but also in international projects that meet favourable conditions. The Group currently has two ongoing projects abroad.

Tekfen Real Estate Investment and Management, Inc.: A new company named Tekfen Real Estate Investment and Management Inc. was established in late 2023 to consolidate assets that generate regular rental income and other revenue-generating properties within Tekfen Holding and its subsidiaries into a single portfolio.

Real Estate Management

Tekfen Tourism and Business, Inc., specialises in asset and real estate management services and operates under the brand name “Tekfen Services”. It strives for absolute customer satisfaction in a market where the real estate industry is growing rapidly but where the significance of after-sales quality has not yet been established.

The Company supports these projects with asset management, leasing, contract management, and strategic portfolio and revenue-raising activities. It also undertakes the maintenance, repair, cleaning and security services for the real estates. Tekfen Services also offers parking lots, conference halls, cafeterias and café management, catering, and gymnasium management services to its customers.

Insurance Agency

Tekfen Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc., which has been operating under Tekfen for 41 years, serves its customers in all insurance segments in a network of 18 leading insurance companies from Türkiye and the rest of the world, and aims to offer the most comprehensive coverage for the most affordable price.

Its clients outside of the Tekfen Group Companies include businesses active across a range of industries from retail to logistics, construction, chemical, food, textile, agriculture, and professional organisations.