Toros Agri, in terms of overall output and market share, is Turkey’s biggest fertiliser producer.

Chemical Industry Group operates in Classic, Organic & Organomineral Fertiliser’s production and distribution. Toros Tarım has been at the service of Turkish agriculture for the last 40 years. In the İstanbul Chamber of Industry’s 2019 list of the five hundred business concerns in Turkey, Toros Tarım ranked in 52th place. In fertilisers, Toros Tarım controls a 38% share of Turkey’s total installed production capacity and in terms of overall output and market share, it is Turkey’s biggest fertiliser producer. In addition to the ammonium nitrate (AN), calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), diammonium phosphate (DAP), and composite (NPK) fertilisers that it makes at its Ceyhan, Mersin, and Samsun plants, the company also imports fertilisers that it does not produce itself in order to supply farmers with all of the plant nutrients that they might need. Besides conventional fertilisers, Toros Tarım’s product line includes water-soluble specialty fertilisers. Having introduced the first entry in its line of organomineral fertilisers in 2017, last year Toros Tarım also became one of the leading players in the organic and organomineral fertiliser market as a result of its acquisition of Gönen Enerji’s majority shares. Toros Tarım’s standing as the Turkish fertiliser industry’s leader is backed up by an extensive network of dealers and authorised sellers that gives it access to every locale in the country.

Turkey’s first plant nutrients R&D centre

In 2017, Toros Tarım opened Turkey’s first plant nutrients R&D centre at its Mersin production plant. Since then, the company’s R&D budget reached a considerable level among the entire Turkish agricultural industry. The centre carries out projects aimed not only at developing new products that will increase agricultural productivity but also at improving existing products, developing and optimizing production processes, making them more energy-efficient, and reducing their environmental impact. The centre also engages in a variety of joint projects with universities.

Strong logistical infrastructure and an extensive dealership network have regularly played as important a role in Toros Tarım’s ability to maintain its standing as market leader over the years as do production muscle and product quality. A total of 550 thousand tons of storage capacity spread out in locations all over Turkey enables the company to supply the fertiliser wherever and whenever it is needed without interruption.

Consisting of a total of 1,201 outlets (729 dealers and 472 authorized sellers) located all over Turkey as of end-2019, the network once again upheld Toros Tarım’s standing as the sector’s leader in terms of point-of-sale accessibility.

Seeking to become a regional player by expanding its geographical reach and export market and also to gradually enlarge the global footprint of its own brand, in 2019 Toros Tarım acquired Agroport Romania SA, the company responsible for the conduct of the Romanian-market sales and distribution operations of Nutrien, the world’s biggest fertiliser producer.

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Turkey’s first plant nutrients R&D centre