A Meaningful Award for Tekfen Agri from the Sustainability Academy!

Kas 30, 2020

Tekfen Agri has been given an award for its participation in a project, undertaken together with Çukurova University, entitled ‘The Development of National and Local Varieties of Bread Wheat Using Seed Inherited from Our Ancestors’. Presented at the ‘7th Sustainable Business Awards’ in the ‘co-operation’ category, the award was earned in the category with the most entries.

The project began in 1999, when certified seed began to be imported under the umbrella of Toros Tarım– in the knowledge of how important it is to use certified seed in wheat production in order to achieve higher yield and quality. Now, thanks to the co-operation with Çukurova University that was initiated in 2009, the process has borne fruit with the production of certified seed for bread wheat.