Dear Stakeholders,

I am delighted to be part of Tekfen Group. A group which, throughout my 40 years of professional experience both in Turkey and abroad, I have observed and appreciated its business professionalism and its ability in representing Turkey worldwide.

Tekfen is undoubtedly one of the leading representatives of the Turkish business world, one that has been able to successfully sustain the values it has inherited from its founding partners in all of it business areas, inspire confidence in all its stakeholders as a respected brand, and its continuous on people while contributing toward Turkey’s progress and economic development. This prestigious position that Tekfen has attained along with what it has accomplished in the past 65 years is a source of pride for us, but it also places a heavy responsibility on all Group members to keep the bar high at all times. I would like to thank all Tekfen employees for their efforts and contributions, especially the executives I picked up the baton from, who have successfully undertaken this responsibility and brought the Group to its current success.

For this new period and despite all the challenges that our country and the world are going through, our main goal will be to keep Tekfen moving forward in every aspect and create more value for its stakeholders, without eradicating the path paved by its founders. I am aware that achieving this goal is not easy. However, as an institution that has never been daunted throughout its history and has adopted the motto of overcoming obstacles and progressing regardless of the surrounding conditions, we have the essential energy, skills, and experience to overcome these difficult times in unison.

The game changer competitive environment with the rapid digital transformation and brand new business models that the world is experiencing, requires us to able to make decisions faster than ever before, to be open to change and to learning, to skilfully make use of technology, and to be agile. I wholeheartedly believe that Tekfen will come out of this period of uncertainty more empowered, thanks to the abilities I recounted above and the company’s steady corporate culture.

Dear Stakeholders,

On the other hand, the company’s deeply encoded commitment to the principles of sustainability, its environmental awareness, the importance it attaches to Occupational Health and Safety, its corporate management culture, customer loyalty, and operational excellence will continue to be our most important tools in creating value for our stakeholders as a team.

The roles that the founding partners assumed in the past in the emergence of many non-governmental organisations with a focus on society, economy, and environment continue to be a source of inspiration for all of us today and in the future. Fortunately, I am now a member of a Group where my previous contributions and professional services to various non-governmental organisations, especially in the field of corporate governance, will be appreciated.

I hope that the new mandate period will be beneficial to the entire Tekfen family, and I wish all our stakeholders, especially our employees, good health in these difficult times. Looking forward to coming together in good days, I extend my regards and respect.


Ali A. Pandır